Amherst Roofing of Naples, Florida will alway provide you with a Written Proposal

Get All Your Roofing Proposals in Writing

It’s just common business sense to get agreements put in writing. And it’s essential that Miami homeowners make sure that their written roofing proposal is thorough and complete, and that all of the details you desire have been included.

As an example, your proposal should include the scope of the work to be completed (including clean up), the roofing materials being used (manufacturer, product warranty), labor expenses, the supervision of labor, and the total project cost. If the proposal does not cover all of these items, be sure to ask the roofing contractor to include those items in your proposal.

If you’re interviewing several roofing contractors for your project, a written proposal is an important tool that you will need in order to compare each of these important aspects.

If a written proposal is given to you that consists solely of figures and cost estimates, but there is no detail as to how that number was arrived at, it will be extremely challenging to make any comparisons between roofing contractors. Make sure that the roofing contractor’s bid is accurate with regard to the quantity and quality of the materials that are required for the job. You want to be certain the proposal includes the exact amount of roofing material for the project…not too much or too little.

After receiving written proposals from several roofing contractors, you should be sure to ask questions if anything remains unclear to you. For example, make sure that you are clear about whom the manufacturer of the roofing material being used is, and how many years and under what conditions the products are under warranty. Also, ask how the roofing contractor came up with the amount of material required to complete the project properly.

A verbal estimate does not hold up to your best interests. A roofing contractor must give you a printed, hard copy proposal in order for it to be a contractual agreement. Never work with a roofing contractor who refuses to provide you with a written contract.

Remember, as with any service provider, all roofing companies are not the same! Find a contractor who really listens and takes into consideration your wants and needs and includes them all in his proposal to you.

Now that you have all of this information in front of you it should be much simpler to successfully select the best and most qualified contractor. And remember, the best contractor for the job is not always the one with the lowest bid. You’re wiser to choose the contractor who uses higher-quality materials and has an experienced and properly trained installation team.