Tile Roofs can be a Good Choice

Tile Roofing and Affordability

Oftentimes, a homeowner’s first and foremost concern when it comes to tile roofing is expense. Tile roofing is a type of roofing that is well worth the investment a homeowner puts into their home. In fact, one of the benefits associated with tile roofing is that it is a form of roofing that lasts a long time. In addition, tile roofing endures all sorts of weather conditions.

When tile roofing is installed on a home, it can last up to 100 years. When the costs of tiling roofing are compared to other kinds of roofing, the homeowner will find that tiling roofing is often less expensive than other roofing options. Wood shakes, asphalt shingles, and slate roofing prove more costly than tile roofing in terms of necessary materials. What’s more, the tile roofing lasts longer than the latter mentioned materials and many tile roofing manufacturers will provide a homeowner with a warranty on the materials used on a tile roof. Finally, not only are roof tiles a most cost efficient roofing method, they are also attractive and add value to one’s home when installed.

One thing you may have to take into consideration when you are adding tile roofing is the additional expenses that may arise. For one thing, tile roofing requires the correct amount of support – the tiles are weighty and you many have to add support braces in order to have a tile roof installed. Oftentimes however, homeowners do not require braces or the braces they do require are minimal.

The Longevity of Tile Roofing
While many experts suggest that tile roofing can last at least a hundred years, in truth roof tiles are incredibly durable and are known to last much longer. The latter fact is one of the amazing benefits of tile roofing. Roof tiles have been used all over the world for centuries and there are many ancient buildings that still have the original roof tile installed. As long as the roof tiles are properly installed when they are first added to a home, they can last for many years to come. Thus, the key to having tile roofing last is found in proper tile roofing installation.

When a homeowner decides to have tile roofing installed or they seek a tile roofing installation professional, they have many choices to make. Talking to an installer will reveal the options a homeowner has in terms of color and variety. Roof tiles also vary in shape and size and the homeowner even has a selection of different roof tile material to choose from. In fact, tile roofing offers a homeowner so much variety that they can decorate the exterior of their home anyway they see fit: roof tiles are available that a suitable for any home style.

Tile Roofing Types
Roof tiles are made of clay or concrete. Clay tile is a popular tile seen on many Spanish style homes. Clay tile is suitable for different homes with varying architectural designs. Clay tiles are quite durable and can last through rough weather; clay tile keeps home protected from wind, hail, and are fire resistant as well. A home will have to be evaluated before clay tile can be installed on a roof. Since clay tile is heavy, the frame of the home must be capable of properly supporting the additional weight that clay tile adds to the roof. At minimum, clay tile roofs can last fifty years, but many roofs last far longer than that when they have clay tile installed.

Homeowners also have the option to have concrete roof tiles when roofing tile is installed. Concrete tile offers similar benefits when compared to clay roof tile. Extremely weather resistant, attractive, affordable, and durable, concrete roof tiles are an ideal finish for any roof and home style. What is really nice about concrete roof tiles however, is that there is far more diversity in terms of selection.

Tile Roofing and Design
Tile roofing is adaptable to any home design and style. No matter what architectural theme a home is built on, tile roofing makes for an excellent finish. Roofing tiles, as mentioned earlier, are available in a wide range of colors and homeowners can have their pick. Earthy colors, cool colors, and white roof tiles are all available. Homeowner’s can even opt for roofing tiles that are mixed colors if they have difficulty choosing one color over the next. Further, since there is such a vast color selection when it comes to roof tiles, homeowners can also have the tiles installed in such a way that they reveal unique and interesting patterns.

The color in roof tiles is added with endurance in mind. Often, a homeowner can get a warranty on the color of the roof tiles that lasts for 50 years. After 50 years, the color of roof tiles may begin to diminish some because the tiles are constantly exposed to the elements. Rain, wind, water, hail, and snow will eventually cause the color of roof tiles to fade some, but not a great deal. When a roof tile is colored, it is stained with a special pigment and than a protective glaze is added to, the tile to keep the pigment protected. Thus, the color or roof tiles last a considerably long time.

Installing Tile Roofing
If you are thinking about installing tile roofing yourself, you may want to reconsider. While it is possible to install tile roofing on your own, it is far better to have a specialist take care of installing tile roofing for you. A specialist understands how to correctly go about installing tile roofing and they will be able to ensure that the tile is properly installed. If the tile is installed incorrectly, it could cause the durability of the roof tiles to diminish.

There are many tricks of the trade that a professional installer will have under their belt that a homeowner might not. For example, a professional tile roof installer will know how to take care of chimney areas, sky lighting, or special solar equipment installations. In addition, a professional installer will be familiar with working on pitched roof, which can be dangerous for those that lack the experience working on a roof.

Before you seek out someone that knows about installing tile roofing, you are going to want to do a little comparative research. Find several professional roofing tile installers or contractors and speak with them about their rates. The latter act not only ensures that you will be getting a quality rate from an installer or contractor, but it will also help you discover what installers you can build a working relationship with. Seek out installers that are willing to address your questions or concerns and that are openly communicative.

If you still intend to install roof tile on your own, it will serve you to take advantage of a few tile roof-installing tips. First, it may be easier for you to complete the tile roof installation if you pre-drill all of the holes you need to drill before the project commences. Secondly, you may also want to consider pre-nailing the tile as well to make the job more convenient. Third, it is recommended that you complete the task with several other individuals – should an accident occur you would have people around that can help you.

Tile Roofing and Insulation
If you want a roof that is going to provide your home with outstanding insulation, than choosing tile roofing is the right choice. When tile roofs are installed, there is “dead air space” left between roof tiles that promote the circulation of warm air. Direct heat transfer is minimized and significantly reduces the cost of air conditioning one’s home. In addition, tile roofing helps to keep heat in during the winter months and reduces one’s heating bill.

Not only do roofing tiles insulate a home, but they are somewhat fire resistant too. Both concrete roofing tiles and clay roofing tiles are graded Class A in terms of fire rating. Therefore, clay and concrete roofing tiles are not combustible. What is nice about the latter fact is that the roofing tiles do not become combustible over time – they remain fire resistant for as long as the homeowner owns the home and the roof remains intact. Since the roofing tiles made of clay or concrete do not catch fire easily, homeowners may discover that homeowner’s insurance costs are also minimized.

The Benefits of Tile Roofing
While clay and concrete roof tiles are not combustible, they also deliver numerous benefits to the homeowner that has them installed. In addition to fire resistance, roof tiles hold up extremely well in all sorts of weather conditions. While roof tile is not one hundred percent damage proof, it is far more durable than other roofing material. Of all the roofing material available, tile roofing proves to sustain minimal damage when significant weather events or storms occur. Due to the latter fact, when and if damage does occur, the cost for replacement and repair of roof tile is minimized.

When it comes to maintaining a tile roof, the homeowner has little to do. While there are certain instances that a tile roof requires maintenance, it is a fairly easy form of roofing to maintain. When it comes to roofing tile homeowners do not have to put on special water resistance materials, coatings, and the roof tiles require no paint or repainting at any time. Sealers are also not required with roof tiles, which makes taking care of the roof a far easier task. Meanwhile, the beauty offered by roof tiles will last for many years to come. Also mentioned earlier is the astonishing durability of clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles that can last up to 100 years and beyond. The fact that tile roofing outlasts other forms of roofing make tile roofing a popular method for augmenting and finishing a roof.

Homeowners looking to augment the beauty and eye appeal of their home need to look no further than tile roofing options. As mentioned previously, tile roof material varies in size, shape, and color and it is easy to mix and match roof tile to suit the desire of a homeowner. Any home can be improved in terms of its attractiveness when new roof tile is installed properly.

Additional Benefits of Tile Roofing
There are still more benefits that can be derived from having roof tile installed on one’s home. In fact, roof tiles are a green form of roof tiling – in other words, roof tiles are friendly to the environment. Since roof tiles are made of concrete or clay, they are made from all natural materials that have been derived from the earth. In addition, roof tiles do not have harmful or toxic chemicals or preservatives added to them so they remain a product that will not harm the environment. Roof tiles are products that can easily be recycled. If a homeowner decides to replace old roof tile with new, the old roof tile can be carted away and used as ingredients to make new roof tiles. In addition to being recyclable, roof tiles also minimize home energy costs by increasing cooling and heating proficiency.

Since roof tiles are durable, the cost of tiles is quite reasonable. Homeowners get more for their money when they invest in roof tiles. Finally, if the roof tiles are installed by a professional contractor, the homeowner can also take advantage of the warranty associated with the roof tiles and rest assured in knowing they will have an attractive and cost efficient roof for a very long time to come.

Tile Roofing Considerations
There are some final considerations that a homeowner must review before making the final decision to have roofing tile installed. Previously mentioned was the notion that roofing tile is heavy and weighted. The latter fact indicates that a home may require some changes to its structure or that a home may have to have special braces installed so that the tile roof can be properly supported.

When a homeowner finally makes the decision to have roof tiles installed by a professional contractor, the homeowner may want to consider the season and the timing of the installation. It can take a period of time to get the tiles ordered, particularly if the homeowner has chosen unique roof tile colors and shapes. Finally, the best season for installing roof tiles is when it is warm and dry. It is best to take the latter facts under advisement and to discuss the installation process with an installer before the installation process begins.

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