Roof leaks can be a major problem…
Roof leaks can allow water into the home causing drywall damage, wood rot and even mold.
A leak that is not repaired can cause thousands of dollars of damage and possible health problems.
Roofing Repair Services for Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island.
What are some signs you may need a roof repair?

  • Visible water stains on your ceiling or a black stain on your ceiling or wall.
  • Shingles that are missing from your roof.
  • Damp walls or drywall that is wet
  • Tile that have broken or slipped out of place
  • Water stains on soffit and fascia

If you think you may have a roof leak call Amherst Roofing to inspect the area.  We will inspect your leak and provide a free quote for repair.  In some cases your home, business, condo, or commercial building may need to be re-roofed.