Deciding on a Metal Roof

Is a metal roof right for me?

Well, that depends. Do you live in an area like Naples Florida where the sun shines most of the year? Do you live in an area that has thunderstorms with strong winds and heavy rain during the rainy season? Do you live in a hurricane risk area? Do you live in a high-end residential area with beautiful homes that are set off by gorgeous Florida landscape? If so, a metal roof is very likely right for you, but let the experts at Amherst Roofing explain its benefits.

What does a metal roof look like?

Metal roofs look exactly the way you want them to look. You might choose a metal shingles roof, or a stone coated steel roof that looks like natural slate. Or you may choose one that resembles clay roof tiles. Some steel roofs look like hand split wood shakes, and others look like shingles. And in between that most recognizable of sheet metal roofs, the copper roof, and the corrugated sheet metal panel used for farm outbuildings, there are dozens of other styles, colors, textures and designs to choose from. The most popular residential choices are the classic rib panel and standing seam panels. One of the many styles available could be a perfect fit for the architectural design of your home.
Steel roofs are hot, right?

Sheet metal reflects about 70% of the heat it gets from the sun. Heat retention is minimized, causing less heat to be transferred into the building itself. Asphalt shingles actually retain more heat than a metal shingles roof. Also, metal roofs provide insulation during a typical sunny day, another reason metal roofers at Amherst Roofing in Naples Florida offer clients steel roofs.

What about attracting lightning?

A metal roof is no more likely to attract lightning than a clay tile roof, because lightening is attracted to the highest point, not necessarily to sheet metal. S.W. Florida roofs in high terrain areas generally carry lightning rods, whether metal roofed or not. Actually, metal roofs dissipate an electrical charge such as a lightning strike, which can help avoid a roof fire. Metal roofs are also non-combustible.

What about wind damage to a metal roof?

If you are still asking, is a metal roof right for me, consider this: All the various styles of metal roofing are very wind resistant. Many are tested to withstand hurricane force winds, and some metal roofing applications carry a 120 mph warranty. A metal shingles roof can stand up against asphalt shingles in a wild storm, thumb its nose at hailstorm damage, and shed torrents of rain without a wrinkle. With metal roofing, periodic inspection of seams and fasteners are about all the maintenance that is required.

Is a metal roof difficult to install?

Some metal roofs might be put in by amateurs, but when the roof you are installing on your high-end residence carries a warranty of at least 50 years, you want to be sure your metal roofers have the experience and skill to do the job correctly. So, if you are simply putting a sheet metal cover on the shed where you keep your lawn mower, go ahead and do it yourself. However, when the underlayment and sealing and fasteners can make all the difference in the world to your steel roof investment, and to your warranty conditions, you should be sure to hire the best metal roofers available to you. Amherst Roofing in Naples Florida is ready to help you install your new steel roof when you finally decide.

Is a metal roof right for me?

In the S.W. Florida area, more and more high end residential roofing is made of sheet metal or metal shingles roofing. Beauty, versatility, longevity, and reliability are the reasons to choose metal roofing.

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