Amherst Roofing on Tile Roofs

Finding a tile and metal roofing expert for your Naples Florida Home.

High end residential roofing choices for homebuilders, such as Amherst Roofing, in the areas of Collier County and Lee County Florida run the gamut of an impressive range of materials and styles. Whether your new home will be colonial, neo-colonial, Mediterranean, neo-Mediterranean, eclectic, neo-eclectic, modern, post-modern, or whatever architectural style you like, put quality where it counts. Quality high end residential roofing ensures that your home is protected

Clay tile roofing

Clay tile roofs are a popular choice for Spanish mission, southwestern or Italian styles, and for many contemporary architectural designs. Clay roofs last a long time, do not burn, and are resistant to rot and insects. The richness of curve and color of clay tile roofing add special beauty to a home. Initial installation is a bit more complicated than some other roofing materials, and expert installation is essential. Clay tile roofs tend to be heavy, so particular attention must be paid to structural stability. Clay tiles can be fragile if walked on; be sure to have a qualified roofing expert perform roof maintenance. Your trusted Naples Florida roofing contractor is Amherst Roofing who provide an excellent inspection and maintenance service.

Concrete tile roofing

High-end residential roofing Orlando FloridaConcrete tiles have made it to the top of the house, and are not as heavy as you might think! Concrete roofing is manufactured from fiber-reinforced concrete material, making the material quite light. In fact, concrete tiles can be manufactured to look like their heavier cousins, clay tiles and slate; concrete is also manufactured to resemble wood shakes. The advantages of concrete tiles include a long life span, good fire protection, low maintenance, resistance to rot and insects. With improving technology, the future of concrete tile roofing is expanding, in part due to its largely recycled composite content.

Slate roofing

Slate shingles are fast becoming the optimal choice for projects in southern Florida, and Amherst Roofing is no stranger to its installation. For a roof that veritably shouts of elegance, is beautiful in its natural coloring, and is built to last, slate roofing may be a good way to give your house quality where it counts. Slate roofing is more expensive than many other roofing materials, but it lasts a very long time, and provides fire protection, low maintenance, resistance to rot and insects, all while looking absolutely gorgeous.

Metal roofing                                                                                                                       

The array of styles and colors and textures that make up metal roofing these days is incredible. Standing seam steel is the most popular residential metal roofing today, and with the colors and styles of sheet metal available for high end residential roofing, metal roofing offers beauty as well as a long life span that boosts cost effectiveness. Metal roofing is also made these days to resemble wood shakes, shingles, clay tiles, and slate, offering the look of those materials without the added weight, but with the added durability of metal.

Your choice of high end residential roofing puts quality where it counts. The long-term benefits in maintenance and energy savings, the security of knowing your home is protected with the finest quality available, and the pride of seeing your beautiful home looking great are all excellent reasons to accept only the best. Choose choose Amherst Roofing of Naples Florida, for your high end residential roofing preferences.